TotalMix FX

New RME Update Features For All Users

In the current climate of fast-moving technology and cost-conscious design it feels like most electronics we buy are both obsolete and falling apart before we even get them home. Thankfully this is the complete antithesis of RME’s philosophy of robust engineering and quality long-term product support.

To back that up, we are pleased to announce that over the coming weeks, RME will be releasing a series of new drivers that bring a whole host of upgrades and up-to-the-minute features to product lines dating back some 13 years! Not only will there be compatibility to the latest generation Microsoft and Apple operating systems, but the acclaimed TotalMix FX software found in the newest RME interfaces will also be made available earlier models including the RME Fireface 400 and Fireface 800. Features such as EQ, echo, reverb and dynamics will still only be available on the new more powerful models such as the Fireface 802, UCX and UFX, but all upgraded models will now be able to use and enjoy a range of new features including:


RME TotalMix FX

  • Improved graphics including the ability to zoom in and out
  • OSC remote control
  • ‘Control room’ section with all sorts of useful monitoring and talkback features
  • Mute & Solo groups
  • Layout presets
  • Multiple remote support
  • Assignable key commands
  • Mono and stereo channel display
  • …And many more!


Of course development won’t end there. TotalMix FX will continue to evolve and reward users for choosing RME long into the future.

Just think, there will be people out there using their RME device with Windows 8.1 and TotalMix FX, having first plugged it into a Windows 98 equipped Pentium 4 PC back in 2001! Now that is the real definition of long-term user support.

The first driver to hit internet terminals near you is for HDSP(e) series products on Windows systems and can be found here

Link to the forum thread

Click here for a user guide to the full details of the new functionality.

Drivers for Mac and for the legendary Fireface 400 and Fireface 800 will follow soon. But if you just can’t wait then there are already some pre-release PC versions for the Firefaces to be found on the forum.