Synthax USA - RME Audio - Blue Man Group Orlando at Universal Studios

Blue Man Group Orlando at Universal Studios

When Blue Man Group Orlando decided to upgrade the PA system in the theater, it was also decided that a new console would also be necessary.  The aging Digidesign Venue console was replaced with a Digico SD10.  As the new console would be clocked at 96k, it would only have 1 MADI port at the console, and only 8 analog inputs at FOH.  This required a whole new playback scheme, which included 2 MADIFace USB interfaces, and a MADI ROUTER.  This allowed the two redundant playback machines to be attached to the console, and also allow for a ProTools rig to be used for sound checks and content creation.

Playback for the show originates with two Mac Minis running Q-Lab.  These systems are redundant, currently running 18 channels of audio. 

Blue Man Group Orlando had been using RME FireFace 800 interfaces before the change over, and the analog outputs were being routed through an A/B switch.  This also limited the playback channel count tremendously.  By moving to the MADI interfaces (and the higher channel count of the console), Q-Lab could then be programmed more precisely, and deliver greater fidelity to the audience.


Blue Man Group opened at Universal Studios in 2007, and had a refresh of staging and content in 2012.