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The all-new AVB / MADI series FROM RME

Industry-leading, remote controlled converters and interfaces.

RME 12 Mic – A game changing MicPre for the next decade.

The Next Generation Microphone Preamp with spectacular sound and reference specifications has arrived: Twelve remote controllable microphone preamps with no-compromise A/D conversion, integrated AVB plus MADI connectivity, and a multitude of features designed to make it a perfect companion for next level, professional recording.


Combines a remote-controllable MADI and AVB/MILAN converter & router with four next generation high-precision microphone preamps. Plus headphone and separate line level outputs and rapid user interaction in a compact package.

RME M-32 PRO Series

High-End 32-Channel 192 kHz AD or DA Converters. Redundant power supplies, remote control, AVB plus MADI and the highest quality conversion. Based on state-of-the-art, high-resolution components and a fully balanced analog circuit design, the M-32 PRO series provides a signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB(A) with extremely low THD values, placing them in the reference class.

RME M-1610 PRO

Integrating 16 analog inputs, 8 corresponding analog outputs and an additional headphone output. With its coaxial and (optional) optical MADI, redundant AVB, four ADAT optical outputs, the device represents one of the most versatile and highest-performing converters on the market.

RME HDSPe AIO + Expansion Boards

RME HDSPe AIO with 4 x Analog IN or OUT Board

38-Channel PCI Express Card with Multi-Format I/O.
The world’s most versatile PCI Express audio interface makes the dream of an All-In-One solution for every possible application come true.
The Advanced-Input-Output interface shines with 192 kHz AD- and DA-converters. The additional expansion boards add four servo-balanced inputs or four outputs to the main card. With this a maximum of 6 (including the stereo I/O of the card) inputs and/or outputs can be achieved.

Ferrofish A-32 DANTE

32 x 32 AD/DA < > MADI < > ADAT < > Dante Converter

Connect anything. With everything.

Life saver, problem solver, flexibility champion. The A32 Dante is a worldwide unique solution to convert and route all important PRO-Audio formats with the highest possible I/O density in a single HU rack device: Analog, MADI, ADAT and Dante/AES67 – all with up to 192 kHz.



26 SEP

03:00 PM


Audio for Video Game Design
Streamlining your Production with RME

Pre-Recorded from Frank’s Studio:
Frank will discuss his use of the Fireface UFX+ and 12MIC in his video game audio production workflow. It will showcase how using the UFX+ and 12MIC allowed him to eliminate an entire rack of gear and streamline his process using RME’s TotalMix FX. Throughout the session Frank will discuss his approach to audio design for video game production…discussions will include his creative approach, his gear, his need to have any aspect of his studio ready to go at a moments notice, and how RME has improved his setup.

Frank will showcase some his work throughout the session.

More about Frank Klepacki
Frank is a Video Game Audio Director, Composer and Sound Designer best known for his work for scoring Command and Conquer. He has a created a video presentation that describes what he does, how he got into the video game industry and how RME gear has made his studio more efficient to create music in his studio.

He uses the RME 12 Mic and FireFace UFX+ and Total Mix FX

25 SEP

03:30 PM


Composer for Audio for Film/TV
Using RME interfaces for Music Scoring

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Live Event and Pre-Recorded from Adam’s Studio!
This will be a 25 minutes recorded session where Adam will discuss his work on TV and Films and how he uses RME interfaces and TotalMix to do his job.

We will also do a live session later on Saturday. Topics will include his workflow, creative approach, the gear he uses and why, low latency performance in virtual instruments, and how TotalMix FX flexibility makes RME to obvious choice for this kind of work.


Music Producer & International Vocal Star
Using the RME BabyFace Pro FS

powered by Digigram Next Generation HQ Streaming

Awesome artist Janine will take the viewer through her creative process utilizing the BabyFace Pro FS.

She is impressed with the clarity, ease of use, low latency and other versatile features. Janine is currently writing and recording new songs and she will talk about the Babyface in her signal flow, her favorite features, and how this important interface can benefit other singer songwriters and how she has as an artist has been coping during the pandemic.

25 SEP

04:15 PM

More about Janine
Janine is a super talented songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
She is also a self-sufficient artist who has created her own artwork and directed music videos. But, her greatest weapon: an ethereal and devastatingly beautiful voice

Born in New Zealand, Janine dedicated herself to music almost as soon as she could walk, recording herself singing her favorite tunes on a double cassette player at the age of five. At the age of fourteen, she began performing her original songs with a guitar at open mics, mostly held at bars she wasn’t technically allowed into.
In 2013 Janine released her first EP, “Dark Mind EP” which scored a sync on Love and Hiphop Atlanta and ended up going to the top of the R&B charts in the US and ended up getting her singed to Atlantic Records. She went on to release her second EP. “XXEP” which landed her the 2015 New Zealand Music R&B Album of the year. In 2018 she released her debut album “99.”
In 2019 Janine and Atlantic Records parted ways leading her to go back to her roots and what her fans loved the most as an Independent, DIY artist. Writing, producing, playing instruments, creating artwork and music videos Janine loves the whole creative process.

25 SEP

06:00 PM


Composer for Audio for Film/TV
Using RME interfaces for Music Scoring

powered by Digigram Next Generation HQ Streaming

Live Event and Pre-Recorded from Adam’s Studio!
This will be a 1-hr recorded session where Adam will discuss his work on TV and Films and how he uses RME interfaces and TotalMix to do his job.

We will also do this session a second time live on Saturday. Topics will include his workflow, creative approach, the gear he uses and why, low latency performance in virtual instruments, and how TotalMix FX flexibility makes RME to obvious choice for this kind of work.

More about Adam Barber

Inspired at a young age by the film scores of “Chariots of Fire” and “Last of the Mohicans,” musician and 2019 RME NAMM booth artist Adam Barber took his dream to become a Hollywood film composer and made it a reality. After working with some of the biggest names in the business, including composers Hans Zimmer and Christopher Young, and with his RME MADIface XT by his side, Barber has racked in film composer and musician credits in many major motion pictures, including music programmer for “Ghost Rider” and “Spiderman 3” and composer for “Last Shift” and “London Fields.”

“I love the creative storytelling that film composing affords me in such an abstract way,” Barber says. “It’s not storytelling in the traditional sense, but instead in a much more multi-teared fashion. Film compositions support the narratives — whether it’s long or short — and that’s always been magical to me.”

Before Barber even breaks out his MADIface XT, he first reads the movie script to better understand the nuances of the story and then sits down with the film’s writer and director to discuss their vision for supporting the narrative musically.

“It’s great because it’s basically like sculpting something out of clay — you have the dialog there, and you can ask, ‘where do we want to take it?’ And you start molding it from there,” Barber explains, adding that he usually starts the creation process while the film is in primary shooting to insure he has enough time to create the perfect masterpiece. “The evolution never really stops. The film’s editor will usually get involved from there as you continue to produce this musical sculpture.”

From the occasional set visit to continued meetings with the writer and editor, Barber begins recording music immediately as well as contacting musicians when the score calls for a full orchestra.

“Whether it’s pencil and paper, or in the computer, I’ll start sculpting the sonic pallet after the first meeting,” he explains. “I might start with a few easy scenes — 30 seconds here, 30 seconds there. I’ll map out the project in a protagonist and antagonist timeline or emotional high and low points, then I’ll send those ideas back to the editor to share with the director. This is in addition to your typical spotting session — when you sit down with the director and possibly a few other people to discuss the musical journey of the film.”

An avid user of RME products since his days working alongside Hans Zimmer, Barber’s entire studio now revolves around an RME backbone — from his HDSPe RayDAT multi-channel PCIe interface to his much-loved Digiface Dante to RME’s proprietary mixing and routing software TotalMix.

But possibly Barber’s favorite piece of RME equipment is his MADIface XT which serves as his main interface. Whether it’s at his home studio or a dubbing stage, Barber reaches for his MADIface for its 394-channel count.

“I route everything into my MADIface thanks to its high channel count,” he explains. “From there, it goes into my main Mac where I do all my writing then the mix goes back up to the MADIface and gets shot into a Pro Tools rig. The Pro Tools session then goes to the engineer for mixing.”

Using a Dante network, Barber converts all of his analog gear using a Ferrofish A32 converter — RME’s fellow Synthax-distributed brand — which then get put into the MADIface XT which gets connected to Pro Tools over MADI.

“While there are only a few other options on the market that do what the MADIface does, there’s no solution that comes even close to it when it comes to portability,” Barber says. “It’s half-rack space size is really handy when I go the dub stage. I can just throw my MADIface and my laptop in a computer bag and go.”

In addition to its high channel count and portable size, Barber loves working on TotalMix’s flexible platform.

“I can’t do what I do without TotalMix,” Barber says. “The elegant concept I really like about TotalMix is I can have my Pro Tools playback machine coming into the MADIface and at the same time have my Logic machine going through the MADIface XT and with the push of a preset button, I can check and make sure my stemming is correct. I can go from the Pro Tools machine right back to the Logic machine and make sure what I’m hearing on the Logic machine is correct without physically changing computers. It’s a really elegant solution to a real-world studio problem — making sure what you created is getting put to tape.”

Barber used his MADIface XT on both of his most recent film compositions, including the 2018 horror film “Extremity” and 2018’s mystery black comedy/crime noir “London Fields.”

“My RME gear covers a ton of bases and helps me do what I do,” Barber says. “My studio won’t function without my MADIface XT.”

Adam will share how he uses RME products in his day-to-day process as well as guide listeners through his workflow on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the show at 10:30 a.m.



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JB Eckl is a Canadian songwriter, musician and producer that began his musical career as a blues/rock guitarist in a saloon in central Mexico at the age of 17. From there, his curiosity about diverse cultures and music led him to spend time in different parts of Latin America and the Carribbean until, in the early 1990s, he settled down in Los Angeles to make a name for himself. His early demo tapes landed him the job playing guitar for 70s funk legends WAR, with whom he toured heavily for a few years, describing the gig as a ‘master’s degree program in groove.’ Around this time his songwriting career began to bloom as well, with pop divas En Vogue and jazz guitar master Larry Carlton recording his songs.

27 SEP

04:00 PM

More about JB Eckl
It was working with Carlos Santana that put the jewel in the crown of JB’s LA years. A longtime disciple of Carlos’ sound, JB considered Santana to be the first and greatest proponent of what is now called ‘world music’, having created a successful hybrid of true Afro-Cuban percussion and authentic rock & roll. First playing onstage with Santana during his tenure with WAR, JB soon found himself in close collaboration with the hero of his youth. Along with top latin pop producer KC Porter, JB worked on Carlos’ 1999 smash comeback album Supernatural, which re-established Carlos as a rock icon and went on to sell 25 million copies worldwide and win several Grammys, among them Album of the Year. For JB, the highlight of this relationship was the song ‘One of These Days’ from Santana’s 2002 Shaman album. The track, on which JB was lead vocalist, co-writer and co-producer along with Porter, was dedicated to African music luminary Fela Kuti and featured LA latin funk band Ozomatli. At Carlos’ invitation, JB performed ‘One of These Days’ along with Santana and Ozo at the Hollywood Bowl.

Since then, JB has searched for his own voice as an artist, leaving LA for the more grounding environs of Mexico, Vancouver Island and Portland, Oregon. He has remained active as a producer in every genre from folk-rock to flamenco, as well as composing the musical score for the South African feature film Cape of Good Hope in 2004 and co-producing the recording return of Lonnie Jordan, his mentor from the WAR days, on 2007’s War Stories. But now, having sat at the feet of masters and developed his personal vision in the studio, JB is sharing his most honest, adventurous and searching music with the world. Prepare to be unprepared.


Personal Monitoring with myMix System
Multi-Track Band Recording with RME´s new 12MIC Preamp

powered by Digigram Next Generation HQ Streaming

Live Event from Jeff’s awesome Studio.
From an 8 hour Session where his band will play/record different cuts of their music while using the RME 12MIC on drums and the myMix personal monitoring system.
This show will demonstrate the incredible audio quality of the Web Radio capabilities of the Digigram CODECS for live performances.
There will be interviews between each song. Each segment will discuss some aspect of Jeff’s music as well as tie in the gear we are using getting feedback on using the myMix and the new RME 12MIC.

27 SEP

06:00 PM

More about Jeff Lorber
Leff Lorber is a Grammy Award Winning keyboardist, composer, record producer who won his first Grammy Award on Jan. 28, 2018 for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for Prototype by his band The Jeff Lorber Fusion.

Many of his songs have appeared on The Weather Channel’s Local on the 8s segments and on the channel’s compilation albums, The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz and The Weather Channel Presents: Smooth Jazz II. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for his album He Had a Hat.

His first group, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, released their self-titled debut album The Jeff Lorber Fusion in 1977 on Inner City Records. Supported by a revolving cast of musicians, including drummer Dennis Bradford, he recorded five studio albums under this moniker. These early albums showcased a funky sound influenced by other jazz fusion practitioners such as Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, and Return to Forever, the latter’s Chick Corea appearing on several songs. Like his contemporaries, Lorber performed on multiple keyboard instruments, including piano, Rhodes piano, and analog synthesizers, often favoring the Minimoog and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. The Jeff Lorber Fusion’s 1980 album, Wizard Island, introduced saxophonist Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, better known as Kenny G.