American Idol Contestants Shine With The Addition of MADIface

The introduction of RME equipment has leveled up the game
for industry professional Laura Escudé

January 2023 – RME’s tremendous effort to uphold its standard has kept them skyrocketing to new heights. Their efficient designs and revolutionary technology allow for rich imaginations to flourish in a volatile industry. As a leading resource, RME proves quality, reliability, and well-founded roots are what professionals crave for audio solutions. Laura Escudé, a renowned producer and show designer, is laying a new foundation for future visionaries to succeed within their craft. Escudé began her career after falling in love with the architecture of electronic music and recording. After learning the inner workings, Escudé moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to continue to construct her vision. Shortly after establishing a foundation in the city, Escudé became the world’s first Ableton certified trainer and began doing live show design while training the next generation of live playback programmers.

After years of relentless legwork and touring hours, Escudé turned her focus to her next artistic form. As sparks began to fly, Escudé knew she needed to utilize her passion beyond her comfort zone. With some hurdles in the dust, she founded an agency called Electronic Creatives. The agency’s unique design supports playback engineers in securing jobs in the live touring and performance industry. It provides a platform necessary for this new network of engineers to extend their knowledge and obtain new methods. With the agency up and running at full capacity, Escudé began to search for even more ways to inspire and elevate the sound of eager individuals. In 2018, Escudé took a dive into the TV show realm and extended her talents to the American Idol stage. As seasons began to pass, Escudé found her set up needed some upgrading. With equipment lags and repeat errors becoming more apparent, Escudé began her research and discovered RME.

“The interface that I used before, it operated pretty well. There were a few small things from time to time that would happen. I knew I needed something new and reliable so I spoke with a friend of mine, Dan Burns, who has a really storied history as a music technology wiz in the business and he recommended I move to RME,” stated Escudé. “I was thinking about doing digital MADI at the time and we wanted to switch over. We still use and convert into analog so I have that option but also wanted the option to do MADI and with RME’s MADIface, that is very easy to do.”

On a typical night, Escudé needs her set up to be ready for anything. Unlike a pre-recorded show, Escudé is broadcasting live to hundreds of audience members with millions of viewers tuning in at home. Every performance’s timing needs to be precisely executed and Escudé relies on her equipment to provide the ultimate support. The MADIface XT’s intuitive system puts a new angle on live playback and puts the engineer in the driver’s seat. Without its powerful edge, Escudé would not be able to so beautifully bring her collaborative visions to life.

“I’ve used a lot of different audio interfaces over the years and sometimes while the hardware might be good, the driver is not necessarily the best. And when you’re running a show as big as American Idol, there really is no room for error. So just being able to rely on the RME brand and the hardware alone helps me feel confident and helps me sleep at night,” added Escudé. “This will be my third season using RME. I’ve just found it to be extremely consistent and reliable. I’ve never had any issues on the show with the equipment. It’s just very easy to incorporate and use. I trust the brand and I trust the drivers completely.”

RME pushes the boundaries when it comes to creating equipment that works. Their tireless efforts give back to the visionary in a way no company has before. From home studio records to live tv shows, it sets a precedent for the future. As American Idol continues to search for upcoming musicians and incredible singers, Escudé knows her setup is destined to succeed. With little worries left at the table and talented artists taking the stage, RME strikes again in the search for the next American Idol.

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