Digigram Dominates With The Continued Rise of IQOYA Connect

How the integration of IQOYA Connect is changing the broadcasting industry.

February 2023 – Digigram sets the tone when it comes to innovative broadcast solutions. Their cutting-edge techniques and expressive technology has led to countless endeavors in the audio world. From pre-recorded interviews to live remote broadcasts, Digigram provides quality resources and equipment its customers can stand behind. While many releases sit on the horizon, Digigram proves its success with the continued rise of IQOYA Connect. Its straightforward yet dynamic design gives audio professionals complete control over their entire codec fleet from anywhere. This cloud-based service helps broadcasters establish quality communications through IP codecs using a state of the art infrastructure. With third party integration and user-friendly configurations, IQOYA Connect is undoubtedly the leading solution for flawless remote broadcasting.

Professionals from news to sports have continued to flood the remote world putting pressure on ingenious technicians for resources that last. Beau Wegmann, an audio professional and Chief Engineer at Guaranty Media, has been a part of the industry from a young age. Growing up, his father played a strong role in the radio sector, which influenced Wegmann’s path to engineering it. He began with remote promotions and simple giveaways while later transforming into one of the industry’s leading sports radio personnel. With years of experience under his belt and working his equipment to the bone, Wegmann felt it was time for an upgrade.

“We’ve had a couple of our units for well over 10 years and it was time to start looking at replacements,” stated Wegmann. “So I was talking with my Chief Engineer from Atlanta, Charles Kinney, and he introduced me to Digigram and their cool devices, the different codecs available and felt that was what we should test out. The fact that we could connect to our older infrastructure rack units that don’t need to be replaced was really neat.”

The incorporation of IQOYA Connect allowed Wegmann to angle his focus to his roots while providing peace of mind when being out in the field. As the flagship for LSU sports and being located in the heart of Baton Rouge, Wegmann must be ready for anything to arise. While the list of passionate athletes in the area flourishes daily, Wegmann is handed the opportunity for diversified conversation and incredible in-depth gaming exposure. Wegmann places his trust in his technology in order to give the audience the content they deserve. As the location changes from restaurants and live field coverage to in-studio collaborations, Wegman needs everything to run with ease and IQOYA Connect is making that flow seamless.
“It makes our remote radio broadcast simpler for the talent. I think that is a huge selling point. Less equipment, less interface, we can just connect to the equipment so easily. We don’t have to worry about the USB or cell phone modems, it’s all integrated,” added Wegmann. “The way the buttons respond, the knobs, the hardware and the software are all very nice. It is definitely professional grade, everyone has been impressed with the build and quality.”
IQOYA Connect provides a space for creative professionals to display their talent from anywhere with undeniable quality. The sports and remote recording world continue to prosper with fiery individuals ready to leave it all on the field. It is an environment that will forever need to adapt and grow in order to capture the essence of the game. With both having an unpredictable future, Wegmann’s passion will play a prominent role in how viewers access their favorite teams and players. As he tackles the sports industry, IQOYA Connect helps Wegmann sweep the board and score a touchdown for remote broadcasting history.

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