High Quality Audio.
High Quality Lectures.

Using web radio for all ambitious Universities & Schools
teaching online classes now and in the future.

A high quality audio streaming solution for shelter-at-home times.
High-Performance stereo CODEC
for a budget price.

Front & Back Panel

IQOYA X/LINK hardware connects to ANY Codec – also 3rd party codecs and audio standards (e. g. Shoutcast).

This way a single IQOYA X/LINK device can connect to a free webradio streaming service!

See our quick overview video:

Using high quality & high reliable
web radio for Online Lectures.

Teaching via a web radio station.

Using Caster.FM – The Pro Stream Hosting Service

Streaming with IQOYA – Fixing the common problem

Usually, a software streaming solution, like Zoom conferences, Skype or Messenger calls produce unreliable audio signals with distortions, ringing or even dropouts.
An unsatisfying solution for high-quality online education.

By replacing the software connection with a Broadcast-approved Digigram IQOYA hardware, with built-in FLUID IP streaming technology, the streaming quality over unreliable networks, like the internet, is simply amazing.
Finally: A perfect audio signal, no issues at all!

Empty. Not vacant.

Just plug your microphones or your recording device in an IQOYA X/Link.
Tell your students via eMail or Social Media to tune in the web radio stream.

Start or Play your lectures!

Unlimited applications

Web radio for Universities & Schools.

Recorded Lectures

Send your educational programs.

Live Classes

Teaching in realtime.

* It´s also possible to stream high-quality, high-reliable IQOYA audio parallel to your online video (Zoom or Skype).

More about the Caster.FM Free Stream Plan


Up to 400 Listeners

Up to 128 kB Bitrate

Highly customizable radio webpage with plenty of features.

Podcast Recorder

Additional Podcasts

Increased Listener Slots

High Sound Quality

If you are using Caster.FM, the audio stream delivers MP3 128 kbps quality, which is perfectly fine for internet music radio and better than terrestrial radio.

Quality Comparison of Radio distributions

48 kbps

AM Radio

64 kbps

FM Radio

96 kbps

Browser Streaming

128 kbps

CD Quality Web Radio
Streaming with IQOYA

Unbelievable Reliable.

Thanks to the Broadcast-approved Digigram IQOYA FLUIDIP streaming technology the streaming quality is simply amazing. No distortions, no dropouts, like in Skype or Messenger calls. A perfect signal, no issues at all!

Highly Reliable, Low Latency Audio-over-IP transport for Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Built into every IQOYA LINK unit.

Quality of Service
Perfect Sync
Ultra-Stable Clock
Fixes Jitter
Avoids Packet

Highest possible audio quality

Optimum audio quality, regardless of the network performance.
Multiple compression formats and transport protocols to match bandwidth/latency requirements.

Excellent transport stability

Combination of several adaptive correction strategies depending on the network quality.
Adapted to unmanaged and managed networks.

Advanced redundancy streaming

Forward Error Correction (FEC).
Redundant dual streaming with time diversity.

Extremely low latency

Designed for realtime live production and all kinds of network audio applications.

15.000 Codecs in operation worldwide. 24/7.
Stream up to 128 channels. Bi-directional.


  • Network IP traffic separation on 4 network ports: WAN, LAN, Management
  • Configuration and monitoring via intuitive Web GUI and via SNMP.
  • Available clock synchronization are internal, AES/EBU inputs, PTP, LW clock
  • In-band auxiliary data tunneling
  • Silence detection on the audio inputs and on the received IP audio streams
  • AES transparency without the need of an external GPS synchronized clock

Reliability & Stream Protection

  • Adaptive and resilient audio streaming (Fluid-IP)
  • Dual port redundant streaming with spatial and time diversity
  • Selectable FECs for ACIP/RTP streams (from +10% to +100% IP bandwidth)
  • Pro-MPEG CoP #3 FEC for MPEG-TS streams

Encoding & Decoding

  • Simultaneous multi-format encoding and multi-protocol streaming of the audio sources allowing to address FM, satellite and web distribution at the same time
  • PCM linear 16/20/24 bits, G722, G711
  • ISO MPEG Layer II and Layer III,
  • Fraunhofer AAC pack (MPEG-4 AAC-LC, AAC-LD, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2 …)
  • Opus

Network Technologies

  • Auxiliary data tunneling of physical or IP serial data and GPIs (including RDS-UECP)
  • Unicast, multi-unicast, multicast, multi-multicast addressing
  • RTP/UDP, Icecast/Shoutcast, HLS, SIP/SDP, STUN
  • PTP, NTP
  • DHCP, IGMPv2 and v3, QoS (VLAN tagging, DSCP) SNMP, HTTP


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