Having a GUEST on the air.
As easy as a phone call.

High Quality Audio. Ultra Reliable. Mobile friendly.
Connects to any 3rd-party CODEC.

Listen to the Difference

See a sound comparisons for a teacher/student online session.
Watch Video
Watch Video


A fully web-based CODEC.

Designed as a bidirectional high-quality audio solution, to connect remote broadcasters to the main studio or a podcast.

Connects to any Hardware-CODEC.

IQOYA GUEST supports multi-user conferencing and works with any CODEC hardware. With the connection to professional SIP-capable hardware, highest reliability and predictable performance is ensured.

Just send a link to your field reporters.


Send a Link

Send the GUEST links to your field reporters.


Click the Link

On the remote location reporters just click the link to open IQOYA GUEST link in their web browser.


Start your connection

Enjoy a high quality, high reliable 2-way audio connection.
Get your IQOYA GUEST demonstration in this 4 min. video.
Watch Video


Breathe, smile and broadcast from Home. 13 pages of pro tips for free!

IQOYA GUEST is part of Digigram´s Cloud-based OneIP ecosystem.

Thanks to the Broadcast-approved Digigram streaming technology the streaming quality is simply amazing. No distortions, no dropouts, like in the mass tools conferencing calls. IQOYA GUEST is a Software-as-purchase-Service for a monthly or annual fee.
+ High Quality Audio
+ Easy-to-use
Multi User Support
Pro Audio Features


Fixing the common problem.

Usually, a software streaming solution, like Zoom conferences, Skype or Messenger calls produce unreliable audio signals with distortions, ringing or even dropouts. This is an unsatisfying solution for high-quality online education or company conferencing. A bad video quality can be disturbing, but a bad audio quality is simply a show stopper.

By replacing these connections with a broadcast-quality audio solution, the streaming quality over unreliable networks, like the internet, is simply amazing.

A perfect audio signal, no issues at all!

IQOYA GUEST within DIGIGRAM´s ONE IP ecosystem

Pro Audio Controls

The IQOYA GUEST manager provides controls for the connections, streaming quality, noise suppression (e. g. AirCon noise), Echo cancellation and even Auto Gain control.
These advanced controls are not available in any VOIP conferencing software, like Skype, Hangouts or Messenger.

Learn more.

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