Broadcast anywhere.

The groundbreaking
Portable Production Studio
for mobile Journalists.


On the air with two clicks.

Powered by DIGIGRAM´s Audio-over-IP technology: Internet/LAN, WIFI, Cell.

IQOYA TALK is designed for

Remote live operations requiring high reliability transmission & broadcast audio quality.

IQOYA TALK is a portable IP audio codec dedicated to live remote broadcasting for Radio and TV.

Designed with an intuitive user-interface as simple as a smartphone, IQOYA TALK allows remote “street reporters” to perform all the key actions in just 2 clicks.

Live reporting or commentary can be performed, as well as studio quality interviews for up to 4 journalists and guests, with a user experience designed for non technicals.

The audio content is streamed through a large number of wired or wireless ‘last mile’ connections.

On the Air. Anywhere.

The full-featured portable production studio for mobile Journalists.


Up to 12h autonomy achieved by two independent batteries


Simple configuration by predefined scenarios in the studio


Quick access to all relevant on-field settings


Integrated Recording & Playback

IQOYA TALK allows up to four journalists and guests to perform a studio-quality on-field reportage, without the help of any technician. Configuration can be done upstream, by predefined scenarios in the studio.

Specifically designed for non-technical users, live production is as simple as placing a call from a smartphone.

IQOYA TALK builds reliable, ultra-low-latency audio contribution links over WAN and 3G/4G networks.

Its reliable streaming engine enables a bidirectional, high-quality connection from the filed reporter(s) to the main studio.

Redundant Radio & TV production.

Reliable transmission via IQOYA CONNECT or WAN:
2 independent SIP connections for 1 mono or stereo program and 2 talkbacks

LCD Touch Screen. 5 Inch.

Intuitive user interface – as simple as a good smartphone.

Quick access to all field settings.
2 Steps to get it done!
Capable of record and playback at the same time.
Quick access to each
headphone mixer levels


The most flexible and universal I/O setup in its class.

Mic/Line Input

Headphone out

Stereo Analog I/O or AES3 I/O (Aux in/out)

WIFI & Bluetooth module

Dual Gigabit Ethernet port for EBU/ACIP and AES67 streams



  • 3 Mic inputs, Microphone / Line level adjustment, 2 or 48 V phantom power
  • 4 headphone outputs, individual mix bus on each output
  • 1 analog or AES/EBU stereo input – Line level
  • 2 Talkback channels for users 1 and 2 and 1 mono or stereo program on independent IP connections
  • 11 input / 10 output embedded mixer


  • 2 independent SIP connections for 1 mono or stereo program and 2 talkbacks
    Dual streaming / Configurable FEC
  • Encoding : G711/G722, MPEG-1/2 Layer II, MP3, MPEG-4 AAC-LC, AAC-LD/ELD, HE-AACv1/v2, Opus
  • Redundancy of audio streams on available IP networks (Ethernet, WiFi, 4G / LTE, 3G)
  • Compliant with ACIP (EBU Tech 3326 and Tech 3368)


  • Lockable external power supply 12-24 V DC
  • Up to 12 hours autonomy with 2 x internal hot-swappable Batteries (2 Li-ion packs, 6.4 A.h)
  • LxWxH: 200 x 216 x 90 mm (77⁄8 x 81⁄2 x 335⁄64)
  • Weight : 2,3 Kg (5 lb) incl. 1 battery
  • Operating temperature 0-45 ° C


  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for EBU/ACIP and AES67 audio streams
  • 2 integrated 4G / LTE modules, approved in Europe, USA and Asia
  • 1 integrated dual band WIFI/Bluetooth module
  • 3 GPIOs controllable by GUI
  • 2 x USB A port for files
  • 1 USB C port for streaming audio to PC
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