Remote Praise Band Recording for House of Worships.

Practice, Record and Share your Performance.
Stay Safely at home.

The myMix personal monitoring system – in use at countless Houses of Worship across the world – holds also the perfect solution for the new reality: people have to keep a distance, but still need to make music together.

Single artists need to practice with the other members of the band, they want to create band recordings and they want to create something: great music for an enthusiastic community. Luckily the ultra-compact myMix unit holds the key, as it includes:

Personal Monitoring

Perform to the band´s mix

Recording & Mixing

myMix Basic Unit

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The myMix from home workflow.
In 3 steps.

Step 1

Perform along your band members.

The whole praise band in an
ultra-portable box.

The handy myMix box unit holds and plays complete band sessions from its internal Micro SD Card.

1. Simply receive the SD Card with your whole band or a single rythm track on it (up to 14 pre-recorded tracks!).

2. Insert the Card into the myMix unit.

3. Perform your track in play along mode and mix it to your Headphones – just like you do it on stage with realtime audio.

Step 2
Integrated Multitrack Recorder.

Record your performance on the SD Card

Step 3
Get the complete band mix without leaving your home.

Upload your recording
to the House of Worship studio or the cloud.

After a successful recording, simply Upload the recorded files from the SD Card to a Cloud service and send the link to your band members or the studio producer.


Send in the SD Card to your main House of Worship studio. They can send the Card to other band members or load your track into the Pro Tools recording projects.

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