RME Leads Professionals in Upcoming Voice Actor Course

Military Intelligence to Voice actor, Joe Zieja is Changing the Game with new course.

December 2022 – The audio industry is full of vastly different creatives. Those creatives fuel equipment professionals, such as RME to continue to produce incredible products. Anywhere from sports broadcasts to home studio recordings, individuals need reliable pieces of equipment for their talent to succeed above all else. Joe Zieja is a Los Angeles based voice actor with an extensive history in the field and an incredibly unique start. Zieja began his career in Military Intelligence in the Air Force but always had a desire to enter the voice acting world. When the opportunity presented itself, Zieja took a step forward and never looked back.

Since 2014, Zieja has worked an incredible amount of hours producing work for fortune 500 companies, as well as cartoons and movies, all while using RME. Zieja describes the Fireface UFX Plus as his mothership of equipment and feels his system wouldn’t be the same without it.
Zieja has assembled thousands of projects using RME interfaces, including national broadcast commercials and voice of HomeGoods, cartoons on Nickelodeon and Netflix, AAA video games, multiple roles in Incredibles 2, and so much more. With so much under his belt, Zieja felt it was time to add to his roster, as he was approached by many to begin teaching the inner workings of voice acting.
“Most of the industry kind of teaches one on one. They do coaching or workshops or webinars and things like that. That doesn’t really work for me because I am, thankfully, super busy so I came up with an online course,” stated Zieja. “It’s an asynchronous learning, video based content course that basically takes someone from where I started to where I am as quickly as they can.”

Zieja plans to integrate everything from the bare basics of voiceover and how to build a home studio to book keeping, microphone techniques, and signal chains. The course will be a massively comprehensive breakdown with multiple modules and hundreds of lessons throughout. All this extensive knowledge needed deeper roots in order for students to grasp in full capacity, which is when Zieja reached out for the Affiliate Program with Synthax. This program allows Zieja to integrate a large catalog of techniques and approaches with RME that can truly advance his students to the next level in the voice acting industry.

Zieja wants to represent every stage of his career within this course and RME is the best way to elevate that concept. When on the hunt for new equipment six years ago, Zieja was searching for something reliable with PC capabilities. Zieja stated the most important thing for him was to match up a static studio with a mobile studio with no change in quality or ease of use. He turned to RME because it was industry standard quality equipment with reliable and consistent compatibility.

RME is an important part of Zieja’s day-to-day life. As the course draws near, Zieja is eager to get his students on a similar path as him. His passion and drive for the art of voice acting rings true through his work and continued efforts towards his future students. He believes every student deserves to be shown every option and opportunity. With the integration of RME, Zieja’s course will allow students to learn his tips while laying a true foundation for their future career.

“The biggest thing I talk about in my course is workflow, it’s ease of use. You don’t want to be fiddling with stuff. You want to set it and forget it and never have to worry about it. That’s why I love RME.”
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