RME’s Crucial Role
in The Composer World

How RME has helped Jacob Shea produce blockbuster history.

February 2023 – The audio industry is an amusement park full of creative individuals ready to scream their talent into the world. It is a fast paced and consistently shifting environment that is always on the prowl for new forms of expression. While the industry consists of a lot of players, RME has proven their ability to improve on a dime and give audio enthusiasts what they deserve. Everything from speakeasy performances to blockbuster releases, RME provides professionals with consistent and reliable sound that helps transform their visions into masterpieces.

Jacob Shea, multi-talented composer and engineer, has been using RME to integrate his ideas into the composition world. Shea grew up with a passion for music and began his career by studying performance as a classical guitarist. As some pain issues arose Shea had to reevaluate the path he was taking. With a heavy heart, Shea switched his major and ended up forging a path that would lead him to work with some of the most renowned creators in history.
Jacob Shea
In 2004, Shea graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a music composition major and knew his life was about to shift. With a dream to compose, Shea reached out to dozens of industry experts in the hopes of getting his foot in the door. His drive and demonstrated talent ended up landing him a summer internship with award-winning composer, Alex Wurman. Upon diving into this new world, Shea noticed his equipment wasn’t being used to its fullest extent. As a longtime user of RME, Shea began to find ways to fill the gaps within his system. With much research, Shea found RME’s Fireface UFX+ and M32 Pro A/D to be what he had been missing all along.

“I’ve got all this stuff I find creatively inspiring and rewarding in the physical world so I asked myself, why am I just sending this audio from one place to another? I started looking at how to make use of a MADI input and output and the M32 Pro fit the bill brilliantly. I have 32 discreet channels I can name as the thing they are in the room. I don’t have to think about anything ever again, it’s very simple,” stated Shea. “It’s almost like the underscore for a film,

you don’t notice how effective it is. That’s kind of the best combination. RME’s equipment is so fluid and so beneficial, you don’t even realize it’s doing all the heavy lifting.”

Shea worked around the clock to achieve the stepping stones needed to launch his career. The continued dedication and evolution he showed soon caught the attention of world famous composer, Hans Zimmer and the rest was history. Shea went on to collaborate with Zimmer on some of Hollywood’s biggest smash hits. From The Simpsons and Inception to The Dark Knight and Transformers, Shea implemented RME’s incredible dependability to make these scores come to life. After five years of life-changing projects, Shea made the jump to Zimmer’s sister company, Bleeding Fingers. There, Shea worked with Steve Jablonsky to produce movies like Battleship, Lone Survivor, and Gangster Squad, as well as TV shows like Planet Earth and Blue Planet Two. Every single one of these remarkable stories was engineered using RME as its foundation. Shea has not only created numerous cinematic sensations but has truly taken the industry by storm.

Shea’s talent has exceeded every expectation set before him. He not only has been a fundamental part of these productions but an avid voice in an area of the industry few have explored. Shea’s work has set the bar for inspiration to flourish into new sectors and magnify the unknown. With many obstacles tackled throughout his career, Shea has remained loyal to RME due to their unwavering quality. Their precision, transparency, and overall dedication to their customers has given a sense of pride to his work. As RME eliminates the headaches and hurdles, Shea can continue to put his efforts towards fulfilling his dream and generating transformative bodies of work.
“I feel like I’ve been able to record for the last 15 years, but it’s now a real joy to record. My musicality when playing has improved because of this equipment,” added Shea. “It’s zero latency, round trip coming from a mic being sent to a bunch of pedals, coming back from the pedals and going to my headphones. It’s not hitting my monitors, not hitting logic and that would be really cumbersome to do with anything else. The level of flexibility that RME equipment affords is just tremendous.”

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