Ron Fish’s Woven Web With RME

How RME is helping Ron Fish capture the hearts of video game and theme park enthusiasts.

February 2023 – RME is a company dedicated to pushing the limits and creating new heights in the audio industry. The values they’ve declared give professionals and enthusiasts alike different avenues to unleash their expression. From an artist’s first demo to a theme park ride experience, RME is assisting in the creative spectrum from start to finish. Ron Fish, renowned composer, show producer and sound designer, is taking the world by storm. His work is intricately displayed in some of the most captivating and nostalgia driven areas all around the world. Fish first began his career studying the creation of music at Berklee College in Boston, Massachusetts. He later moved to Los Angeles, where he pushed his education towards computer programming and simultaneously toured the local music scene as a drummer. With some concrete roots established, Fish started to seek out new ventures for inspiration.

After turning to a fellow bandmate for advice, Fish ended up joining the wonderfully inventive professionals at Walt Disney Imagineering. Fish was presented with a two week trial that ended up landing him an eight year career designing the angelic Disney wonders we’ve all grown to love. Years forged on and Fish found the path beginning to shift yet again. As he outgrew his position with Walt Disney, Fish felt a spark signaling the dawn of a new chapter. This new chapter would lead him to create some of the most magnificent scores in theme park and video game history.
With new adventures on the horizon, Fish began to evaluate the system in which he produced these masterpieces. The need for reliable and quality sound with no compensation was at the forefront. As each project continued to grow in magnitude, Fish was determined to find a solution that would push him to the next level. After some research, Fish landed on RME’s Fireface UFX II and TotalMix software. Once everything was up and running, Fish finally felt he had found what he was missing and knew it was something truly extraordinary.
Ron Fish
“The clarity of the RME converter is incredible. The very first thing I noticed was a little less low end and with that became an unmasking. All of a sudden I can hear other frequencies that I couldn’t with my other equipment and the TotalMix software has been impeccably great, like phenomenal,” stated Fish. “I gotta say I think TotalMix is the premier software router

that I can think of, on a converter for a converter. It is amazing how many different ways I could set this up. It’s remarkably powerful and the routing is insane.”

Fish has worked in esteemed studios and on grand sound stages. He has created incredible scores for some of the most successful video games like God of War and its sequels, as well as, Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City. Fish added to his discography by producing multiple scores for Abu Dhabi’s Warner Brothers Theme Park. Those scores include The Joker’s Playhouse and an award winning composition for Batman ride, Knight Flight. Fish did the sound design for the Gotham section of the theme park as well. His impressive list of accomplished projects and skills have provided phenomenal escapes for so many individuals around the world. Now with the support of RME, Fish is truly unstoppable.

He is one of the most prolific talents of his generation, forming a path so many are thrilled by. Fish has not only laid the groundwork for upcoming hopefuls in the industry but has been an integral part in the world of fantasy. His work has shaped these experiences and manifested a wonderment this world craves. With the addition of RME in his system, the talent Fish exudes will only continue to elevate the present while establishing a distinguished path in history. As RME removes the unnecessary hurdles in his creative process, Fish can put full focus on his artistic expression while his passion brings a true sense of excitement for what is to come.
“There would be times I would feel I was overcompensating. I never knew exactly how much or where and just thought it was most likely my speakers. But when I listen to those same mixes, on those same speakers but with the converter, I can hear exactly where I’ve overcompensated,” added Fish. “The converter is amazing and most importantly the stereo field is unimaginably beautiful. It is so wide that if I pan something left, all the way, there’s nothing left on the right. And if I do it on the right, it’s exactly to the right. Everything in between has its proper space in the field and that’s remarkable. I couldn’t be happier with it, truly fantastic.”

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