Industry-leading IP Audio Codecs for Houses of Worship.

Share your service to satellite locations.

With DIGIGRAM´s groundbreaking Audio-over-IP technology.

Stream up to 128 channels to your satellite campuses.
Bi-directinal. In Realtime. Perfectly reliable. With high audio quality.

Use all common House of Worship audio formats.
Dante, AES67, Ravenna, AES/EBU, Analog.


Up to 64 stereo (128 mono) input and output channels,
Simultaneously encode and stream the audio inputs at multiple formats and protocols.

+10.000 Codecs in operation worldwide

Share the performance of your energetic praise and worship band. Pastors at different campuses can work together to deliver a common message.

Satellite locations can produce their own audio and share it to all campuses. Stand alone or back-and-forth between all sites.


Breathe, smile and broadcast from Home. 13 pages of pro tips for free!

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