Unmatched Audio Quality
for Business Conferencing
& Virtual Events.

On scale of 1 to 10, audio quality is an 11.
It’s absolutely paramount … That’s what you lose on a Zoom call.
IQOYA changes all that – the sound is pristine.

Thomas Kikta – Chair of Commercial Music, Media and Jazz / Duquesne University in Pittsburgh

Do you plan a conference and need an extraordinary sound quality?
Our experts are here to help.

Global Audio Conferencing.
With Next Level Sound Quality.

Listen to the Difference

Developed for high profile Broadcast and Remote Integration Workflows (REMI).
A game changer for Online Conferencing.

Digigram Broadcast CODEC technology, designed for the Age of the Internet, is simply a game changer for modern online remote conferencing. IQOYA GUEST provides superior quality audio from multiple locations to online events, like virtual trade shows.

Its perfectly reliable, provides bi-directional audio connections for multi-user conferences with unmatched sound quality – not available in other solutions. Altough IQOYA GUEST does not need the optional IQOYA CONNECT for its basic application, it can be fully managed and monitored with this cloud-based service (see below).

IQOYA GUEST is available as Stereo and Multiple Stereo licences. Ask for educational plans.

For Business Conferencing

For Virtual Events

Virtual Events:
Connect all panelists. Even for huge live events.

In combination with an IQOYA SERV/LINK hardware CODEC, IQOYA GUEST provides
up to 64 stereo or 128 mono bi-directional connections.

This way IQOYA GUEST connects even large Virtual Events, like NAMM Show or AES, with unmatched professional audio quality. This unparalleled feature is indeed an absolute prerequisite when demonstrating sound-sensitive performances, like singing.
The perfect solution – right in time.

By replacing the audio stream of ANY conferencing software with Broadcast-level sound, any online meeting, investor conference or administrative communication will benefit greatly.
Up to 64 Stereo connections!

High quality audio, even on mobile phones, result into a low-stress and trouble-free work environment.
Uninterrupted audio, with secure, CD-quality sound can be the new normal.
The home office gets professional!

Thanks to the Digigram streaming technology the quality is so amazing, even music departments of universities can perform remote teachings, auditions and full concerts.
Judging every tone by its full nature.

Connect with up to 64 locations. Bidirectional. In Stereo.
All you need is a web browser.
Stream all online performances from remote locations with Broadcast-grade sound.

Built-in Cyber Attack Protection

No hacking, no „bombing“, no eavesdropping.

Online conferencing solutions, like Zoom, Skype or Messenger, use low quality audio and can produce unreliable signals with distortions, ringing or even dropouts.

This is an unsatisfying solution for high-quality business meetings and important company or investor conferences. A bad video quality can be disturbing, but bad audio quality is simply a show stopper.

By replacing these connections with Digigram´s broadcast-quality audio solution IQOYA GUEST, the resulting audio quality over unreliable public networks is simply amazing: High Quality Stereo Sound, no distortions, no dropouts, finally a perfectly reliable connection.


Software-as-purchase service
+ Monthly or annual fee
+ Cloud-based managment: IQOYA CONNECT Service
Fully web based operation

High Quality Audio
+ Secure
+ Easy-to-use
+ Up to 64 connections

The audio part of standard Video Conferencing Applications is not up to the task.
Not today, not tomorrow.

Replacing the audio part with IQOYA GUEST results in perfect sound, no issues at all.


Fixing the common problem.

IQOYA GUEST: A perfect audio signal, no issues at all.

IQOYA GUEST within DIGIGRAM´s ONE IP ecosystem

Its so easy. 
Just send a link.


Send the Links

Send the GUEST links to your meeting contributors via Email or your VOIP app.


Click the Link

On the remote location reporters just click the link to open IQOYA GUEST link in their web browser.


Start your connection

Enjoy a high quality, high reliable 2-way audio connection.
Watch Video
Get your IQOYA GUEST demonstration in this 4 min. video.

Up to 64 Stereo connections.
For every GUEST meeting.

In combination with an IQOYA SERV/LINK hardware CODEC, IQOYA GUEST provides
up to 64 stereo or 128 mono bi-directional connections.

This way even large meetings or university classes can benefit from unmatched professional audio quality that will top standard audio/video services. This unparalleled feature is indeed an absolute prerequisite when teaching sound-sensitive subjects like music or singing: the precision of professional sound quality makes the difference for students to progress
when off-the-shelf regular services do not offer sufficient sound quality.

Advanced Cloud-Based
Communication Infrastructure.

Made by Digigram.

IQOYA CONNECT is Digigram’s global SIP infrastructure, establishing broadcast quality communications between all types of our Audio-over-IP CODECs. The service is designed for 100% reliabilit, safety and Remote Integration Model (REMI) Production Workflows.

IQOYA CONNECT manages IQOYA GUEST calls and is included in our offer without extra costs. The cloud-based infrastructure is always up to date, immediately ready to run and thanks to the intuitive web interface, very easy to operate.

24/7 operational support
IQOYA CONNECT includes a hotline and remote intervention within 30 minutes in the event of a service interruption.

Full Call Managment
Auto & Personalized Configurations
Full Communication Monitoring
Remote Control of all CODECs

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