Integrated Multitrack Recorder

Direct Recording & Playback to USB memory devices. Works stand alone too.

This feature is pretty slick and turns the UCX II into a very attractive remote recording device where you can leave your computer at home.

Paul Vnuk Jr. – Recording Mag Review

DURec records to USB Flash drives, SSD drives, HardDiscs and Micro SD cards (with adapter).

up to

192 kHz

DURec records all Fireface UCX II inputs and outputs directly to USB memory devices plugged into the DUREc USB port on the back.

The recording functionality is provided by the internal DSP, and therefore works without a connected Windows or Mac computer. It is also available in Class Compliant mode, connected to a Linux system or an iPad.

The recorded audio files are in Broadcast Wave Format and can be directly imported into most professional audio software (e. g. Pro Tools, Samplitude, Cubase).

Direct USB Recording converts the Fireface UCX II both into a stand-alone field recorder and a powerful multichannel live player for previous recordings, e. g. for virtual sound checks. Band rehearsals or spontaneous jam sessions can be directly recorded and played back from the medium – even completely stand-alone without computer or software. It is possible to even record a whole live concert completely. Multitrack music that was recorded or copied onto the memory device can be played back anytime on any outputs.

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