RME teamed with S-Gear, state-of-the-art software guitar amplification by Scuffham Amps, to offer its software free-of-charge with the purchase of an Fireface UCX II audio interface.

Additionally, users will also have free access to the full, unlimited versions of Plugin Alliance’s:
– Brainworx BX Opto
– Brainworx BX Masterdesk plug-ins.

Included in the suite are also trial versions of Gig Performer, Pianoteq 6 by Modartt, Blue 3 Organ by GG Audio and a 3-month fully working version of Antares Auto Tune Unlimited.


Scuffham Amps S-GEAR

Guitar Amps. State of the art.

The best amps for the best mobile interface: S-Gear is a collection of guitar amps, speaker cabinets and effects implemented in software for use with Windows PC or MAC. The UCX II bundle comes with the  Standalone S-Gear Application and as plug-ins for use with the most popular DAWs recording softwares.

The sound of a boutique tube amp, turned up loud!

The really special thing about S-Gear is the amazing high quality of guitar amp tones achieved simply by plugging your guitar into a computer via an audio interface. S-Gear gives you a professional guitar sound without the expense and hassle. We are talking about the sound of a high quality tube amp, turned up loud, and mic’d up professionally in a suitable acoustic space. S-Gear’s boutique designed amps, coupled with accurate convolution based speaker cabinet emulation, provide a massive range of guitar tones.

The most important question you can ask of almost any effect or processor is ‘How does it sound?’, and the best description I can think of is to say that S-Gear sounds expensive — in a good way.
… if you like warm, clean sounds that subtly shade into overdrive as you dig in harder with your right hand, or if you want snappy note attacks combined with singing, blooming sustain, or heavily distorted power chords that never lose definition or get flabby at the bottom end, it’s likely to perk up your ears.

… Perhaps the most impressive thing about it is the attention paid to dynamic response and the ‘feel factor’. Although the influence of the Amp Drive and Sag controls on the tone of the amplifiers is often relatively subtle, they make a real difference to the way in which your hands feel ‘connected’ to the notes that emerge from your speakers. It’s an effect that’s nothing like placing a conventional dynamics plug-in in the signal chain, or using a stomp-box compressor, and few other amp simulators I’ve tried get it as right as this.

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Babyface Pro FS get free access to the full, unlimited versions
of Plugin Alliance’s Brainworx BX Opto and Brainworx BX Masterdesk plug-ins.

Next level Opto Compression

Brainworx takes the opto-concept to the next level with this plugin. bx_opto not only delivers that musical quality, but opens up new sonic possibilities with its variable speed knob, simulating changes in speed at which the photo cell in an optical compressor reacts to light. This gives you control over release times that shape transients in such a manner no hardware optical compressor can match.

The bx_opto compressor combines some of the best colors, character and features from some of the world’s best-loved compressors, like the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, the elysia alpha compressor, or the Millennia TCL-2.

bx_opto takes the best aspects and anomalies from legendary light-dependent Circuits to create a software compressor you wish you could buy in hardware!

Opto Compressors respond differently to different input signals, which is often referred to as being “program dependent”. For example, an opto compressor will react differently to a longer loud part of a song than to a short loud hit in a quiet part, as the photo cells will build up heat over time, which slows down the attack and release times significantly. With opto compressors, everything is moving constantly, and in an ear-pleasing way!

The musical characteristic that optical compression circuits possess, has made them a favorite of professional engineers for decades.

A high end analog mastering system in a single plugin.

Containing every component you need to create professional results, bx_masterdesk allows you to master your own material with a minimal learning curve. Even if you are not a professional mastering engineer!

No artificial intelligence, virtual assistants or multi-band voodoo, just great sounding analog models and an intuitive layout, so YOU can do the job.

With a clearly defined workflow and pre-tuned processing chain, you’ll find the entire mastering process extremely intuitive. From setting the perfect level and compression settings to dialing in the right tone for your mix, using bx_masterdesk is as easy as 1-2-3.

Whether you’re a musician, engineer or producer … bx_masterdesk will help you get to where you need be quickly. Try one of our carefully crafted presets as a starting point and from there dive into the intuitive interface and clear metering system to dial in the perfect level and tone for your project.

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Babyface PRO FS users also receive trial versions of Pianoteq 6 by Modartt and the Blue 3 Organ by GG Audio. Rounding out the added offerings, Babyface Pro FS customers will receive a free 14-day, full version of Gig Performer. After which, a special VIP offer applies.

Antares Auto Tune Unlimited

3-months full version


Precision Audio Metering

RME DigiCheck

Included Measurement Tools

Two Channel Level Meter
Spectral Analyzer
Vector Audio Scope
Multichannel Level Meter
Surround View (with R128)
Loudness Meter

Flexible Setups.
Fully Scalable.

Digicheck Next Generation – is a completely rewritten and newly designed version of RME´s highly professional audio metering and analyzing software for Mac OS.
Multiple DigiCheck NG windows can be shown at the same time.

Any configuration can be stored and recalled as Workspace.

DigiCheck NG is very easy to use, a simple right click provides all options for every measurement instrument, e. g. settings and appearance.

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