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Precise, Stable, Fast.

The Fireface UCX II comes with RME´s latest 2021 converter design.

Featuring SteadyClock FS, the Fireface UCX II is using the latest clock and jitter rejection technology from RME. Based on the newly developed FemtoSecond clock from RME´s ADI-2 Highest-End converter series, intrinsic jitter affecting AD/DA conversion over all digital formats is reduced to a new record low.

The feature-packed UCX II provides Full Range Capture without compromises. Two high-end, low-noise MicPreamps with 75 dB Gain and AutoSet (= automatic gain adaption, no compression to protect the signal integrity) grab every detail of studio/live performances, rehearsals or Podcasts.

The combination of RME´s industry leading low-latency drivers and record-breaking USB-in-FPGA technology produce the fastest and most reliable audio system on the market.

RME Audio has always been completely focused on real performance, based on audio science, no wonder, the company’s products are the first choice of audio professionals around the world. The UCX II is the latest product of this philosophy: precise German engineering and a relentless pursuit of sonic perfection in this ultra-compact interface ensure the highest quality results – no matter what the application.

… if you buy a new RME interface now, you’re benefiting from two decades of development that have produced an extremely mature product ecosystem.

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SteadyClock FS

Ultra precise professional audio clock
with FemtoSecond Accuracy & complete Jitter immunity.

Analog & Digital I/O AD/DA-conversion always operate on highest sonic level, being completely independent from the quality of the incoming clock signal. Every signal is based on the ultra-precise, stable internal clock – no matter. Thanks to the unmatched efficient jitter suppression, the Fireface refreshes and cleans up any clock signal, and provides it as reference clock to external digital connections. Additionally the superior circuitry can also generate nearly any frequency with highest precision for the internal pitch function.

WordClock The jitter of a word clock is typically 15 times higher, as when using a quartz based clock. The SteadyClock technology of the Fireface UCX II fixes this problem completely. Combining the advantages of modern and fastest digital technology with analog filter techniques, re-gaining a low jitter clock signal of 22 MHz from a slow word clock of 44.1 kHz is no problem anymore. Additionally, jitter on the input signal is highly rejected, so that even in real world usage the re-gained clock signal is of highest quality.

SteadyClock FS – Reference Class Digital Clocking Explained

The best sound is perfectly reliable
and does not need daily bugfixing.

To the last detail

What goes in, comes out. Since 25 years, RME produces perfectly neutral audio systems. No colouring, no distortion, high resolution internal DSP processing.

Optimize your signal path with RME DIGICheck, freely available for every RME interface.

… RME remain the standard by which driver quality is judged. If you want to be certain of getting an interface that’s reliable, offers exceptionally low latency and works well with the widest range of host machines, you won’t be disappointed.

Sam Inglis – Sound On Sound Review

When your job is on the line

It needs the most stable and most trusted audio system, including the fastest drivers in the industry.

RME was the first – and only – manufacturer, who provides verified drivers to work under Big Sur and both Intel and M1 Apple Hardware!

Full Stand-alone Operation

The Fireface UCX II is able to operate fully stand-alone, without any connected computer. It can trans-form into totally different devices by the click of a button. The device can be fully controlled with the display and the encoders/buttons.

This way the UCX II can work as a 8-Channel AD/DA-Converter, Analog/Digital Routing Matrix, Stand-Alone Recorder/Player or Monitoring Controller with pre-configured routing and effects.

Setups can be loaded into the unit from the computer and recalled at any time.

A unique FPGA Technology

High Perfomance. By design.

USB 2/3 in FPGA

  • 100% 100%
Highest Performance
  • 100% 100%
High Channel Count
  • 4% 4%
Lowest Latency

Pro Audio Features in FPGA

  • TotalMix FX – Zero Latency Mixing Console with DSP effects
  • Full I/O Routing: Every Out is a Submix!
  • Pro Audio Formats (MADI, AES/EBU) 
  • Compatibility to any interface circuit of the host: USB, FireWire, AVB (RME develops special adaptations to chipsets).

All RME designs are based on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). This way, the RME developers can realize their own, highly adaptable circuits and interface technologies, which outperform inexpensive, ordinary components, like USB connection chips, which are not designed for pro audio interfaces. With the consequent focus on FPGAs, RME was able to create highly stable, market-leading MADI solutions and vastly compatible USB Audio Technology with the ultra-low performance of PCI & Thunderbolt connections.

Finally – the FPGA is re-programmable – every unit can be upgraded at any time and provide compatibility to the latest hardware. Even 15 year old interfaces get updates, to make them compatible with the latest hard- and software, turning them into a reliable, longtime investment for customers with a high second-hand value.

Why can RME repeatedly outperform the heavyweights of the pro audio industry when they have far greater resources – capital, manpower, complete factories.

Well, they don’t have RME developers, and they don’t let their developers do what they do best. … RME developers have the unique freedom to develop what they want. Usually, a company hires developers, they get paid for their work, then move on. At RME, we develop those products we are eager to create, that we have interest in, and that in the end, we are very proud of. This explains the immense ambition behind every RME product as well as the unique long-time support we offer. These products are our ‘babies’ and we take care of them as best we can.

Mathias Carstens – RME Founder

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